…I think I’m Gonna Like it Here

This is, for all intents and purposes, a drive-by.

I just wanted to check in on the eve of the 2012 Comparative Drama Conference to say that I am safe on the ground in Baltimore and checked in to the conference hotel.

It is gorgeous.

The room is gigantic and lovely (especially wonderful since I’m sharing it

yup. That's my room. Told ya it was gorgeous!

with three colleagues for part of the weekend).

There is a heat-lampy-thing to turn on for when you get out of the shower so that you don’t freeze.

There is free wifi.

There is a view of the water from my window.

It is a block and a half from the national aquarium.

Despite having contracted both Sinusitis and Bronchitis during my stay in San Diego (and discovering this diagnosis a mere eight hours before my flight today), I made it here, I am in one piece, and I am all systems go for my talk tomorrow morning.

…and then we’re seeing Into the Woods tomorrow night.

To quote a certain little red-headed orphan:

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