Why Does Dani Run?

Dani Runs!

May meI began running as a natural out-cropping of my academic life: I had to “cross-train” while doing heavy lifting with my brain.  My body needed a challenge similar in magnitude and attitude to the crazy things I was doing with my mind; so I did a C25K program and the rest is history!

I am a back-of-pack little-engine that could runner.  I am a keep-going-till-you-get-there-in-your-own-time runner.  I am a girl who never could run a single mile during elementary school fitness tests who grew up to be a woman who loves to see what new distance she can master.  I’ve noticed that most running blogs seem to be written by elite runners whose “take it easy” runs are so far beyond my PRs that I can’t truly relate to these people.  It’s almost like they’re in a different stratosphere.  I thought this was a great opportunity for me to share my point of view from the back of the pack in hopes that other slow runners might find solace that they’re not the only ones eyeballing a 2:30 Half as “maybe someday” rather than “no problem”.

Over my running journey, I’ve discovered a few things that I wish I had known, and I continue to find new gear, new races, and new advice that I’d love to share with other runners.  This section of the blog (a blog-within-a-blog if you will) will address my life as a runner; so to the finish line and beyond!