A collection of sundry other places on the web…

_____________________________________________ — The internet nexus for all of my professional work.

Astroarcane –Short fiction written by some dear friends of mine.  I also make the occasional appearance as a guest author.

Batman Untold — The radio drama of the century which showcases the incompetence and awkward hilarity of Gotham City’s heroes and villains.  Subtitles and sundry spelling/grammar correction provided by yours truly.

Internet Shakespeare Editions — Free online editions of various Folio and Quarto texts (both facsimile as well as searchable versions).  I do most of my text-specific research on this site.

Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style — Entertaining as well as informative, this is the free online version of aforementioned Best Professor in the World’s usage and style guide.  I would encourage any student of the English language (professional or otherwise) to purchase the paper volume, but the internet version is handy for searching and quick reference.

NETheatre Geek — Reviews of New England based productions large and small.  Also, you may happen to recognize one of the reviewers...

The Shakespeare Fellowship Listing of Festivals and Theatres — While my feelings on the authorship debate are pointed and contrary to the spirit of the Shakespeare Fellowship, the organization does maintain a great list of active theatre companies producing Bardy goodness.  Want to see a play?  Check out this site for a fairly comprehensive listing of the American Shakes-scene (as well as some random international bits thrown in for good measure).