Your Humble Author

Actor-turned-Literati, Danielle Rosvally fancies herself a Shakespeare Scholar (though she
is certain that there are those who would scramble to disagree with her).  Her primary area of interest lies in the practical application of theatrical scholarship.  She holds a BA from New York University, an MA from Rutgers University, and is currently pursuing a PhD from Tufts University.  In addition to her formalized education, she has also studied both the theory and practice of classical theatre at the American Globe Theatre, The Actor’s Institute, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare & Company.

She is also a working fight director and dramaturge in Boston.  Because, you know, she has time for that.

In the five minutes a day during which she is not researching, teaching, fighting, writing, or grading, she enjoys knitting, ballroom dancing, and long walks on the beach.

She hopes to one day eradicate the errant improper usage of semicolons and restore this noble piece of punctuation to its long-lost place amongst  the common written word; she feels it deserves this after its arduous and unthanked service to the English language.