This Has Been a Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

For the record, I should be working on compiling some research or editing a paper right now.  Instead, I am checking in here with the following anecdote.

A few of my classes this semester require a response to our reading each week posted to the online class discussion board.  This response should be well written, detail your thought process on the reading, engage all of the texts, and overall prove that you’re thinking and not just osmosing.  I like to get my reading done early and my responses posted as soon as possible just so I can get on with my week/other projects and not have little things hanging over me.

This week, after posting my response, I got the following e-mail from my professor:

“Hi Danielle,

“Just as a point of clarification, the play for Thursday’s class is Monti’s Beaded Curtain. Death and the Maiden is to be read for 2/2’s course. 

“All the best,

“-Professor X”

 (No, my professor’s name isn’t really “Professor X”… though how cool would that be?… I simply continue my policy of changing names to protect the innocent.)

What could I do but panic and reply…

“Wow I am apparently really on top of this semester. I’ll just cover my bases by saying that I was being responsible and reading ahead. 

“Yup. Totally meant to do that. 

“Thanks for clarifying!”

This incident has made me grateful for a few things…

 Thing number one: that I read and reply far enough in advance that such things can be rectified.

 Thing number two: that my professor likes me enough to notify me when I make an embarrassing mistake.

 Thing number three: that my professor is paying enough attention to understand how I made an embarrassing mistake.

 Thing number four: that my professor isn’t a jerk and politely pointed out my embarrassing mistake in a private forum while using the most mild language possible in an attempt to not make me feel embarrassed.

 Thing number five: that I have an extremely public forum upon which to post my embarrassing story in hopes that it at least makes you smile.

 So I posted an updated reply to the actual reading which began with an announcement about this being a check of both the emergency broadcasting system and how well my colleagues read the syllabus.

This semester’s going to be a real winner.  I can just tell.

P.S. Expect the next installment of our “How we Spent our Winter Vacation” podcast in the next day or so!  So very exciting!

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