Dani Dash!

As I become more and more invested in my dissertation project, I’ve also become more and more invested in my latest (greatest) obsession/hobby/lifestyle: Running!

It was only a little over a year ago that I ran my first 5K (a Spartan Sprint because go big or go home, right?) and I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve graduated to longer and longer races.  In 2015, I made a resolution to run one chip-timed race each month and so far I’m going strong!

So why start a new blog?  Well, as I’ve trained and grown as a runner, I’ve been enjoying other peoples’ blogs immensely.  I’ve also found that there are questions I’ve had which haven’t necessarily been answered in these blogs; such as: what is the best tiara to run in?  Can a back-of-backer really run (x,y,z) race comfortably?  What kind of gear should I use?  What should I wear to run x miles when it’s y degrees outside and (overcast/sunny/raining)?

These questions, and more, are things I hope to explore!  I’ll still be blogging on the DaniProse side of things, but I also wanted to write about running in a forum connected to it.  For me, running has been a necessary side-task for dissertation work.  Without it, I don’t think I would have studied as effectively for my comprehensive exams or gotten as far as I have in the diss process.  It’s innately tied up in my academics; but also something that is slightly removed.  It’s my cross-training; my physical exertion to match the mental.

So, here I am.  I run.  And I want to share that love with the internet.  I’m so excited to hit the road.

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